About Us

For over 12 years, BESPA USA, now known as BESPA GLOBAL has been dedicated to improving patient care through education and advancements in medical science. Our unique model is changing the way Medical Companies and Health Care Professionals work together to improve patient outcomes.

As an intermediary between Health Care Professionals and Medical Companies, BESPA GLOBAL delivers the following:

  • We provide surgeons for general education and consulting services to Medical Companies
  • We provide surgeons for product evaluation and development to Medical Companies
  • We develop innovative technologies, internally, with our highly skilled surgeon and engineering teams

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Our surgeons meet the qualifications necessary to effectively promote the advancement of medical technologies, enhance the safe and effective use of new medical technologies, and encourage research and education.

Our physicians are fully vetted through an in-depth due diligence process and placed into tiers based on several qualifying criteria. BESPA GLOBAL fully insures all its physicians. We stand behind the quality and expertise of our team.

We help promote ethical interactions between physicians and Medical Companies that abide by the Advamed Code of Ethics and, more specifically, anti-kickback statutes, anti-corruption, anti-bribery and foreign corrupt practices. Our fully auditable system prohibits conflicts of interest based on existing physician contracts, provides full transparency of existing physician consulting obligations to industry, and allows industry to monitor all contracted physicians and activities with ease.

Our Leadership Team

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Gregory C. Pomeroy, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer

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Lisa A. Viele, MBA


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Christopher C. Newell, MBA

Chief Operating Officer - Orthopedics & Podiatry