Medical Companies

BESPA GLOBAL understands the need for Medical Companies to access highly skilled physicians to develop and evaluate new technologies as well as educate the surgeon community on products to improve patient outcomes. Access to these physicians should be easy, but all too often, it is not.

BESPA GLOBAL will match you with available, qualified surgeons to meet your consulting needs. BESPA GLOBAL has categorized each HCP within its network based on several measures of expertise and leadership within his/her medical specialty. Our unique process allows Medical Companies to request an HCP based on the qualifications. BESPA will return a minimum of 3 qualified HCPs available for the date/obligation requested by industry, within one week of the initial request.

Our management team, along with our administrative and travel team, will coordinate with industry to finalize the arrangements. No administrative fees are charged to industry for utilizing BESPA services.

Additionally, BESPA GLOBAL offers Medical Companies the ability to work with our physicians and engineering providers to develop ideas for new technologies to meet your product portfolio needs. Our leading engineering partners have extensive experience with the development of medical device technologies, from early design prototyping through 510k submission.

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