Sales Force Education

New Hire Courses (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced):
BESPA offers a full service, product training. Each training course is developed specifically for the company using a standard training template. Templates can be modified by the company to include required training elements. Training courses include:

  • Anatomy, Pathology and Basic Procedure Overview
  • Product specific application in the form of case studies (Product overview, indications, and basic competition must be provided by company)
  • Competitive Overview
  • OR Practical Testing

Live or Recorded Webcast Training:
BESPA works together with its clients to develop ongoing online training. Our surgeons are available for late afternoon/night webcasts with the ability to broadcast to hundreds of reps around the globe. Webcasts can be offered live with Q&A opportunities or recorded for online access.

Advanced Representative Training:
BESPA physicians are available for advanced rep learning including cadaver labs, saw bones labs, or representative practical testing.

Mentorship Programs**:

1. Operating Room

  • Allows representatives access to surgical procedures
  • Physician will review the case with the representative prior to and will allow the representative to view the case; physician will then review the outcome with representative after the case is completed

2. Clinic/Office
  • Allows representative to shadow a physician in clinic/office

**Special approvals required; minimum 8 weeks prior notice required

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